Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The African Elephant Conservation Act

Ivory trade is major cause of declining of elephant population

African Elephant Conservation Act (AECA) in 1989.
It will provide
-          a review of African elephant conservation programs
-          a grant program to support research, conservation, management, and protection of African elephants

AECA Grant Program has provided funds to increase anti-poaching support in Cameroon, Congo, Eritrea, Gabon, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Prohibitions and Penalties
-          It is illegal to trade ivory with any country other than ivory producing country
-          Penalties will be a reward of one-half of the criminal or civil penalty or $25,000.

Weakness in the African Elephant Conservation Act
-          It is impossible to block every single trade on illicit ivory through internet.
-          eBay is the most active market on international ivory trade. eBay market is even increasing, after the online marketplace promised to restrict the sale of products made from animal teeth and tusks.

Change in the Act
-          There should be a strict restriction on violating the law. The Act should include a cyber law that requires license when they want to trade endangered animal products.

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