Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Revised International Elephant Poaching and Ivory Trade Bill

One, creating an international license for animal product traders...
- Elephant protection personnel will be focused on the most concentrated areas of elephants.
- All suspicious international exports and imports will be subject to searches for ivory.
- All free and colonized African countries must implement laws and actions to prevent elephant poaching.
·         Human populated areas must be carefully guarded by rangers and professionals to prevent elephants from raiding crops and clashing with the local villagers. These rangers will be well equipped with weaponry and wildlife preservation mechanisms.
- Money rewards for substantiated (proven) arrests of elephant poachers and equipment.
- After five years, if any ivory is found on the public market in any country, it will be seized and the vendor fined 25,000 Canadian dollars by either the country’s state police or Interpol.
- Mega-parks will be created with Western monetary and scientific aid and African nations’ cooperation to allow the elephants to live in a natural but protected ecosystem.
- African train speeds will be reduced to prevent accidental elephant deaths from collision.
- Road-building will be prohibited or limited in elephant migration paths.
-Bush meat trade is outlawed. Any vendor found selling bush meat will be fined 2,500 dollars. Alternative protein sources such as poultry will be considered and possibly implemented in African countries with international aid.
-A fifty million dollar project supported by American and European Union public and private investors to enforce these laws will be launched. The details are still being drafted.

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