Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Topic Change

Group Member edit:
1. Jennifer Hizon
2. Paul Ding
3. Daniel Kim

Topic Change:
We decided to focus on ivory trade in Africa and will research on the ivory trade ban. We will consider how past and present laws have affected the biodiversity of the elephants. We predict that if more specific laws were enforced and taken more seriously, elephant's would not be so much at risk of extinction like they are today.

Proposal: We will go back in time and create anti-poaching laws in 1800. The laws, when enforced, will prevent loss of biodiversity in Africa caused by European poachers in the 1800s

Plan of Action:
Paul Ding: Research on Biodiversity
Daniel Kim: Consider the different laws
Jennifer Hizon: Find various statistics on how poaching has effected biodiversity of elephants.
All: responsible for emailing international contacts (*our replies have not been as successful as planned)

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